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Italian Pharma Company selecteert Emerson om digitale transformatie mogelijk te maken

FIS Montecchio-faciliteit

Multisite-automatiseringsinvesteringen helpen FIS bij het verbeteren van de efficiëntie, kwaliteit en conformiteit van productieactiviteiten

FIS – Fabbrica Italiana Sintetici, a leading active pharmaceutical ingredients manufacturer, has selected Emerson to digitise operations and work processes at three manufacturing sites in Italy. With the $20 million (€16.1 million) contracts, Emerson will provide automation technology to help create a fully electronic manufacturing environment for increased efficiencies, quality and regulatory compliance.

“It is vital that FIS develops the right relationship to help it expand operations in a measured and prudent manner,” zei Franco Moro, general manager van FIS. “Working with Emerson provides FIS with a trusted partner as we digitise work processes and invest in automation to improve production and efficiency.”

As part of its growth strategy, FIS constructed a new $123 million (€100 million) unit at its Termoli site, doubling capacity to produce active pharmaceutical ingredients. Emerson will implement its Syncade™ manufacturing execution system at the Termoli site, as well as the Montecchio facility, providing automated workflows and paperless procedures and record-keeping. Paperless manufacturing improves production efficiency and offers widespread benefits in compliance, product quality, inventory and document control, which are critical in the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry.

The two leading companies have partnered before; Emerson provided its DeltaV™ distributed control system to monitor and control manufacturing at the Termoli site in 2017. As part of this latest agreement, Emerson will expand the automation system to incorporate additional measurement and control instrumentation. By standardising on DeltaV across its Termoli, Montecchio and Lonigo sites, FIS aims to improve efficiency and ensure consistent operations.

“This project reinforces Emerson’s strong relationship with FIS, and, as a trusted advisor, we will continue to support its business objectives on a long-term basis,” zei Mike Train, executive president van Emerson Automation Solutions. “Our expertise will help FIS further automate work processes and boost profitability across these three sites as part of a companywide digital transformation strategy.”

De contracten maken deel uit van een 10-jaars strategische raamovereenkomst getekend met Emerson voor de levering van zijn DeltaV- en Syncade-systemen, meetinstrumentatie en regelafsluiters, evenals een 10-jaarserviceovereenkomst die de controlesystemen afdekt op alle drie locaties plus de nieuwe MES-systemen op Termoli en Montecchio.

Voor meer informatie, bezoek www.Emerson.com/DeltaV en www.Emerson.com/Syncade

Emerson Automation Solutions

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