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Best Selling Low Profile Compression Load Cell Now Available Ex-Stock

Low Profile Compression Load Cell Now

Load cell designer and manufacturer, LCM Systems, is pleased to announce that its best selling range of low profile compression load cells the CDIT Series is now available ex-stock. This means that customers requiring low profile, highly accurate button compression load cells for a wide range of general force measurement, process measurement and control and testing applications can be guaranteed fast delivery and low prices, particularly for bulk orders.

One of the most popular load cells in the range is the CDIT-1. Manufactured in stainless steel and offering a high level of corrosion resistance, the CDIT-1 is ideal for standard load measurement applications, particularly in harsh environments and especially where space is limited.

These low-cost load cells are available with ranges covering 0-100kg to 0-5000kg. All load cells in the CDIT range are calibrated to national standards, are easy to install and give long term, reliable operation.

The load cells can be supplied individually or busy engineering departments can speak to LCM Systems’ technical department and have complete systems designed and delivered, saving both time and money.

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