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Eerste CV Analyser System for National Grid

Thyson Technology, a specialist in integrated sampling and analyser systems, has completed the first of 28 nationwide gas-quality analyser system upgrades for National Grid.

The multimillion-pound project was secured following Thyson’s role in National Grid’s Enhanced Gas Management Project (EGMP), an initiative to upgrade gas quality analysis systems at all of its sites across the UK.

Over the next three years, the Ellesmere Port-based manufacturer will replace existing CV flow-weighted average sampling and analysis equipment with the latest integrated sampling and analyser systems across sites nationwide.

The company will also upgrade National Grid’s main analyser house in at Churchover Junction near Rugby.

The system will ensure that the samples used for calorific value (CV) measurements are representative of the gas flowing through the system in order to ensure accurate pricing of the commodity in line with requirements from the regulator, Ofgem.

Ian Camp, director at Thyson Technology, said: “This is a long and complex works schedule, which has seen Thyson take on all aspects of the project, including the set up and management of the site and installation of the systems. The first facility, which is now successfully up and running, is fitted with future-proof sampling technology with cutting-edge capabilities.”

Thyson Technology systems allow its customers to measure key parameters of their processes by automatically delivering samples of the process material into advanced analysis tools which play a critical role in various industrial applications around the world.

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