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Kledingplatform biedt eenvoudige levering van apparatuur aan veldtechnici

Skanwear’s cutting edge ordering platform is making it easier than ever before for businesses to provide their staff with the necessary personal protection equipment (PPE) even when they’re operating remotely. Putting full control in the hands of employers, Skanwear’s Safeline tool allows customers to effectively manage equipment and budgets without compromising on safety or quality

The problem-solving web portal lets companies select the products they want to offer employees, who can then use an individual login to place an order. It’s the streamlined way for businesses to provide their staff with PPE choice that suits them without complicated ordering processes.

Employees around the world can access the portal at a time that’s convenient to them and navigate in their native language, it’s the ideal solution for firms with field engineers and other remote workers.

Terwijl werknemers de vrijheid krijgen om de items te selecteren die voldoen aan de eisen van hun werk, geeft Safeline volledige controle en autorisatie over aan het bedrijf. Bedrijven stellen de overeengekomen producten vast, beheren budgetten en kunnen het platform ontwerpen om zijn eigen merk te integreren.

With a comprehensive order overview, spend reports, and powerful tracking capabilities it’s becoming the essential way for companies to order practical, comfortable clothing for staff worldwide.

Angus Long, Global Technical Manager of Skanwear, said, “Businesses today are working across wider geographical locations and it can make sticking to safety policies a challenge, especially when there’s a language barrier to contend with. Safeline provides the perfect solution to ensure safety garments and accessories are deployed throughout the whole of the workforce.

The platform recognises that workers will have their own personal preference for the items they use and gives them the freedom to choose from lines already selected, benefiting both employers and employees without adding time consuming tasks.”

Skanwear’s other services further complements the Safeline offering. The brand, which has been operating in the PPE sector since 1989, offer global distribution that is efficient and fully tracked, ideal for businesses operating across numerous sites or with a large number of field operatives. Skanwear also has the capabilities to personalise workwear, ensuring that staff are instantly recognisable and connected with the business.

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