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Niveaumetingoplossingen voor chemische opslag en voeding

raffinaderij industriële installaties

The process that transforms crude oil into petroleum and other valuable commodities owes much of its effectiveness to chemicals. At every step of the refining process, chemical treatment and reactions help remove impurities, create feedstocks and improve the quality of byproducts. Chemicals such as sulphuric and hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide, liquid catalysts, blending additives and water treatment chemicals are essential to a refinery’s day-to-day operation.

From acids to water treatment additives, a wide array of chemicals are stored at a refinery in vessels that range in size from plastic totes to large steel tanks. As with all chemical storage, there is significant risk to employees and equipment if chemicals are not secured and stored properly. This is especially true in a petroleum refining plant, which has a variety of hazardous process conditions that could be intensified through improper chemical interaction. chemical storage

Magnetrol® heeft een toepassingsbrochure voor de petroleumraffinagebranche uitgebracht waarin niveaumeting uitdagingen en oplossingen voor elke stap van het raffinageproces worden beschreven. Deze blogpost maakt deel uit van een occasionele reeks die elke toepassing in detail onderzoekt.

Niveaumeting Uitdagingen en overwegingen

Liquid solution storage and day tanks require stringent level monitoring to ensure ongoing chemical processing. The nature of the chemical, the geometry of the holding vessel, and the presence of mixers or other hardware will determine the most suitable level technology for the chemical storage or feed application. In addition, level instrumentation must be able to withstand corrosive chemicals and deliver precise, reliable measurement to prevent accidents and spills.

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