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Toonaangevende Pomp fabrikant gebruikt Digital Twin technologie om klantervaring te verbeteren

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Overeenkomst verbreedt het gebruik van simulatie om preventief onderhoud te verstoren

Grundfos, een wereldleider in het ontwerpen en produceren van pompen en systemen, breidt zijn gebruik van ANSYS-simulatiesoftware uit, waarmee het de kracht van het internet der dingen kan benutten om een ​​complete digitale tweeling te maken. Grundfos zal digitale twin-technologie gebruiken om haar klanten beter van dienst te zijn door verbeterde productkwaliteit en -prestaties, verbeterde ontwikkelingsproductiviteit, geoptimaliseerd onderhoud en lagere totale kosten en risico's die gepaard gaan met ongeplande downtime.

Building on the existing relationship through ANSYS Elite channel partner, EDRMedeso, this new multi-year agreement provides Grundfos with broad access to ANSYS’ premium engineering simulation software. As part of the agreement, Grundfos will have flexible license access and training as well as expert services to virtually model, simulate and test the manufacturer’s innovative products, resulting in reduced time to market for new products.

Maintenance is critical in large pump applications where installations are difficult to access and service, and downtime can be extremely costly. Simulation is moving beyond its traditional use of digital prototyping into the operations phase of the product lifecycle. By tapping into ANSYS’ industry-leading portfolio of engineering simulation software, Grundfos will use digital twin technology to analyse real-time operational data to provide better insight and faster decision making while maximising machine efficiency. Grundfos will also analyse the performance of products in real-world operating conditions, make informed predictions about future performance and reduce the cost and risk of unplanned downtime.

“The development of digitalisation is a key platform for our goals of growth for 2020,” said Jakob Vernersen, senior manager, mechanics and materials, technology and innovation, Grundfos. “We are developing not only products that differentiate us in the market, but also compelling service offerings that take us beyond just pumps. For both of these objectives, simulation and our partnership with ANSYS will be vital.”

ANSYS simulatie zal ook Grundfos met gedetailleerde antwoorden op complexe onderhoud uitdagingen die hen zal helpen nieuwe dienstenaanbod te ontwikkelen om hun klanten.

“Digitalisation is a macro trend that is becoming a reality as the digital and physical worlds converge and companies invest heavily in human machine interfaces, model-based approaches and the Internet of Things. As the cost models for sensors, computing and communication infrastructure become ever more economical, the digital twin is poised to disrupt several industries,” said Rob Harwood, global industry director, ANSYS.

“From large plant operation and maintenance to automotive, aerospace and even consumer electronics, the combination of the Internet of Things with the unique insights provided by simulation enables the creation of a virtual, digital version of any product that creates an incredibly compelling platform for value-added services on top of product development. First-mover advantage in this field will be critical and offers manufacturers the opportunity to deliver more value and establish deeper and more strategic relationships with their customers. Early adopters and pioneers, like Grundfos, have the opportunity to enjoy drastic growth opportunities.”

Voor meer informatie of Literature verzoek contact Grundfos Pompen, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire of Tel: (+ 44) 1525 85 00 00 E-mail: [Email protected] Web: www.grundfos.co.uk

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