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Hose Valve Benefits

Soft seated hose valves are a critical component of any production line or facility and accordingly, a user does not accept poor quality or performance. With this in mind, hose valves are proven to be the best type of valve currently on the market for shutting off any media. This is because of their huge reliability factor and other key benefits, such as:

• Quick and simple maintenance & installation
• Low cost of spares
• Faster product flow with less downtime compared to older conventional valve types
• Robust design

Closed rubber hose valve

Closed rubber hose valve

Hose Valve Rubber Liners

Pinch type industrial hose valves can be used on all medias from the softest powders to the most abrasive media, liquids and gasses too. A hose valve is available with a variety of different rubber membranes that can be used for the vast different media range.

See more examples of hose valve applications.

The types of rubber membrane liners for hose valves include natural rubber, EPDM, nitrile, silicon, viton, neoprene, hypalon, and butyle. A selection of these rubber hoses are also available in food quality.

The rubber liners inside hose valves are particularly robust, and elastic fabric-reinforced, allowing for successful working, even under extreme conditions and with aggressive media passing through.

Reliable rubber hose

Reliable rubber hose

Hose Valves & Vacuum Systems

A hose valve is most commonly used on product lines where the product is pushed through with a positive pressure. However, they can also be used on negative pressure (vacuum systems). Hose valves are also designed to be used on gravity applications. This is where the product being conveyed along a pipeline is usually free-falling or moving on its own, without the need of any added air pressure to push it along.

When being used on vacuum systems the hose valves can partially close when the vacuum is sucking from the inside of the valve. To counteract this problem, all that is required to do is to pipe the same vacuum pump to the inlet of the hose valve. This enables the pressure to be equalised on the rubber liner, therefore stopping the hose valve from partially closing.

For more information on hose valves please bezoek hier


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