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Witboek van METTLER TOLEDO: "Corrosie bestrijden in raffinaderijen"

Download the latest White Paper from METTLER TOLEDO and find out more about the options available to help reduce plant corrosion.

Ever increasing environmental legislation together with loss of production uptime has caused corrosion in refinery operations to be the subject of many discussions.

Although significant progress has been made the problem continues to exist and quite possibly is getting worse. In fact it is estimated that the global costs of refinery corrosion is in the order of 15 billion USD annually.

Despite extensive research, many of the corrosion mechanisms are not yet fully understood. The problem with petroleum refining is that there is not one single source of corrosion, but many. To add to the problem, some of the corrodents might interact and increase or inhibit each other’s corrosivity. Also, physical process conditions play a role; so temperature, flow and Reynolds number have to be taken into account too.

Lees meer over het bestrijden van corrosie - download vandaag nog uw exemplaar. www.mt.com/uk-corrosion-wp

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