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New generation of ultrasonic measurement launched by Siemens

Reducing operating costs is a key business target for manufacturing plants across all sectors, so Siemens has developed the world’s most accurate ultrasonic controller series for level measurement – the Sitrans LUT400.

The compact, single point ultrasonic controllers continuously monitor and control level in liquids, solids or slurry applications.

The controllers offer the highest accuracy available, ensuring consistently precise measurements to help plants reduce energy usage and increase operational efficiency. Due to unbeaten precision of the devices, operators can be confident of level and flow measurements. This results in cost-effective operations as inventory monitoring will be accurate, eradicating the risk of running out of a product or expensive spill clean-ups due to over-filling.

Energy cost savings can be realised thanks to the range’s time measurement and energy saving algorithms, which can reduce pump operations during peak energy periods.

The range includes three models – the Sitrans LUT420 level controller, Sitrans LUT430 level, pump and flow meter and the Sitrans LUT440 high accuracy open channel monitor. All have been designed to reduce engineering time due their easy to use functionality and their data logging capabilities which allow users to store and review data easily or transfer it to a computer. All products can be fully integrated into a plant and enable remote configuration and diagnostics.

Derek Moore, product manager at Siemens Industry, commented: “The Sitrans LUT400 truly marks a new generation of ultrasonic level measurement that will deliver on helping plants reduce operating costs. At Siemens we understand the challenges and pressures the industry faces and have worked to develop a solution that addresses these needs – and its best in class accuracy really delivers. Importantly, the devices are also easy to use and quick to configure and can be monitored remotely.”

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