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Norgren urges customers to wake up and smell the coffee

The "Plug and Use" solenoid valves for automatic and semi-automatic professional coffee machines.

With many years’ experience in the design and production of solenoid valves, Norgren, a global market leader in pneumatic motion and fluid control, is a pioneer in the design and manufacture of technologically advanced coffee machine valves that meet today’s strict demands on the food and beverage sector.

In particular the company manufactures products for a wide range of beverage dispensing applications, with a clear focus on coffee machines, where products must offer optimum robustness and durability.

This expertise is aptly demonstrated in the new range Click-on © plastic valves, from Buschjost, part of Norgren, for use in AC voltage applications with cold and hot water, steam and descalers in fully automatic and semi-automatic professional coffee machines.

Designed to reliably control the cold water, hot water and steam, as well as the necessary cleaning processes, the valves draw on Norgren’s experience in DC voltage products to meet every customer need and deliver true Engineering Advantage. In addition to improving machine efficiency and process control, the 2/2-way and 3/2 way solenoid valves are easy to install and offer optimum reliability.

Manufactured from FDA-approved lead-free materials, they minimise fluid heat losses and guarantee long-term, high-quality performance with significantly reduced maintenance costs. Furthermore, power consumption is low and the valves incorporate integrated interlink technology for up to seven single or concatenation linked plastic valve installations. This results in delicious coffee which is always at the right temperature. In concentrated valves, water distribution takes place via a system that is easy to configure, thus reducing piping expenses to an absolute minimum and enabling increased flexibility as additional functions can be integrated into the coffee machine

Because of their robust design, the valves maintain a permanently high output under all conditions and are resistant to almost all media. This especially applies to water, whatever its quality – be it hardness, degree of calcification and, although rare, the presence of chlorides. Also, the valves meet lead and potable water values according to the new European regulation for 2013. An additional benefit of the materials and material combinations of the AC voltage solenoid valve is their ability to ensure corrosion resistance with high reliability and, therefore, a long service life.

From a technical aspect, the valve module offers an operating pressure up to 16 bar, fluid temperature from 0°C to +125°C and an ambient temperature from 0°C to +50°C.

Comprising push-in fittings, the compactly designed and reliable Click-on © system eliminates the need for tools and removal of screws for assembly and maintenance, with connection achieved easily and permanently.

Apart from the fully automatic coffee machine segment, the “Plug and Use” solenoid valves are also effective in cream and ice machines, drinking water dispensers or mixed drink dispensers. Due to their design, they conserve resources, are universally applicable and reduce maintenance and operating costs.

Voor meer informatie bezoek www.norgren.com/uk/foodandbeverage.

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