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TFX Ultra Remotely Monitors Fire Hydrant For Flow & Leakage Detection

TFX Ultra

Bell Flow Systems were recently approached by a customer looking for a reliable solution to remotely monitor a fire hydrant for flow detection and leakage purposes.

The site, located remotely, required a clamp-on measurement solution to provide flow measurement without breaking into the pipeline. Information from the site also need to be available remotely, as well as providing visual alarms to operators at the site office.

Bell Flow Systems supplied the TFX Ultra flow meter and provided a local Modbus output to a third party telemetry system. Data From the telemetry system will be stored onto a web portal providing a visual indication of the current flow, total flow and diagnostic information from the flow meter. Information on the data portal will also show visual alarms so the operators can respond to leakage or flow events at the site office.

TFX Ultra has inherent advantages over traditional devices including clamping onto the outside of pipes and not contacting the internal liquid. Advantages of the TFX Ultra non-invasive flow meter include measurement of a range of liquids with small amounts of suspended solids or aeration, a bi-directional flow measurement and a wide variety of communications including Modbus RTU over RS485 communications; Ethernet connection options includes BACnet/IP, EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP/IP protocols.

Meters include a large easy-to-read digital display and a rugged aluminium enclosure for use in harsh environments. For more information on the cost-effective TFX Ultra transit time flow meter please contact Bell Flow Systems.

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