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With the HSE proposing a ‘fee for intervention’ of £124 per hour …. Leuze give FREE advice on Machine Safety and it’s just a click away

Without wanting to get into the politics behind it, Leuze electronic are pointing out that the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) move towards charging for their work became significantly closer when they announced the planned introduction of a ‘fee for intervention’, cost recovery scheme from 1st October 2012, subject to Parliamentary approval of the proposed Health and Safety (Fees) Regulations 2012.

These Regulations which will place a duty upon the HSE to recover its costs for carrying out its regulatory functions when there is a material breach of health and safety law. A material breach is when the HSE inspector considers a contravention of health and safety law serious enough to require notification in writing to the duty holder. Initially this charge will be £124 per hour for a service which is currently free of charge.

The HSE’s website says that "FFI will also encourage businesses and organisations to comply in the first place or put matters right quickly when they don”t. It will also discourage those who undercut their competitors by not complying with the law and putting people at risk.”

There is more information about this scheme on the HSE’s website at www.hse.gov.uk/fee-for-intervention/index.htm. This webpage links to an official guidance document, a useful leaflet on ‘What you need to know’ and a detailed guide to enforcement.

In an attempt to give manufacturing some good news however, Leuze are keen to highlight all the information and training Leuze electronic offer for free to help manage machine safety.

  • Dedicated website of advice on Machine Safety at www.safety-at-work.leuze.de inclusief
    • Computer spel
    • Video's
    • Safety distance calculation wizards
    • Safety device selection wizards
    • Legislation guidance
  • Free of charge ½ day “Introduction to Machine Safety” workshops
    • The two dates in July in St Neots are almost full and 18th August in St Neots is filling fast.
    • More dates and venues across the country are published throughout the year on the training page of our website at
  • Free of charge one day “Introduction to SISTEMA Machine Safety software” workshops
    • Next set of dates and venues across the country to be published soon on the training page of our website
  • Free of charge lectures on Machine Safety workshops” for the regional networks of the IET
    • Dates and venues published throughout the year on the IET page of our website
  • Leuze electronic’s Machine Safety Inspection Services
    • An “MOT” style inspection of your machine’s safety irrespective of which manufacturer’s safety devices are fitted.
    • ‘Real world’ advice and cost effective recommendations for making machines comply with the latest legislation.
    • Stop-Time measurement service – Also available as a separate service.
    • View a virtual online page turning version of the brochure or request a PDF copy to be emailed to you
  • 38 page guide to legislation in Europe and USA at the beginning of our Machine Safety catalogue
    • View it online from pages 8 to 45 within virtual online page turning version of the catalogue or request a PDF copy to be emailed to you
  • 12 page guide to Leuze electronic’s Machine Safety Services
    • View it online as a virtual online page turning version of the catalogue or request a PDF copy to be emailed to you.
  • Numerous product catalogues and brochures, available to view online as virtual online page turning books
  • Numerous application stories previously published in UK magazines.

And the according to Leuze’s Managing Director Mark Weymouth, their best resource is the knowledge of their sales team, supported by Kevin Ellison, their Machine Safety engineer. Therefore, Mark reiterated Leuze’s request that people contact them for good help and straight forward advice on Machine Safety.

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